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I have been researching who to become registered with as a training centre for food safety / food hygiene and HACCP having given it much thought and done some research over the Summer. Some of the certification bodies I looked at online did not seem particularly user friendly and I thought I needed to put aside a significant amount of time to pursue this.

Having heard HABC ( Highfield Awarding Body for Compliance) mentioned as an up and coming body I received an email from them with a link to registration. I have to say their website and instructions are very user friendly and I am in the process of registering for Food Hygiene  levels 1,  2 and 3 and 4 and HACCP levels 2, 3 and 4 , both for manufacturing.

There are example forms that can be used as a start for preparing documents and I have found this extremely useful. Being quite particular, however, as to how my documentation appears I have of course modified the documents significantly to reflect my own personal style and also my own working situation. Coming from a document control background has led to the development of around 22 short procedures…and I am not finished yet! They are very short and to the point and they do clarify what the important criteria are for becoming a registered centre. So watch this space and I will update you as to my progress! If anyone has any experience with HABC please let me know.

For more information regarding please contact Karen Czarnota at Food Quality Consulting Ltd on 0845 609 0383 or use the contact form here.

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