BRC audits – unannounced for Asda suppliers

Jul, 30, 2013 Karen Czarnota BRC6, Food Safety 0

At a recent supplier conference Asda suppliers were told they have to pass unannounced BRC audits from October onwards. Suppliers that do not comply will no longer receive Asda Technical approval. Asda seeks to tighten up its inspection regime after the horsemeat scandal. Whilst many suppliers welcome the opportunity to demonstrate their strong processes some …

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Supplier Management – Following on from Horsegate

There were many horse jokes and puns, but for those retailers and restaurants being grilled about their supply chains and having to issue apologies over the ‘horse meat’ scandal, it was no laughing matter. There have been many instances of fraud and it seems that retailers were unaware of what they were being supplied with. …

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Root Cause Analysis

Jul, 13, 2012 Karen Czarnota BRC6, News 0

Root cause analysis is a new area of the BRC6 Standard for Food Safety. Clause 3.7.1 requires the “identification of the root cause of the non-conformity and implementation of any necessary action.” Root cause is the underlying cause of a problem, if successfully addressed it will prevent a recurrence of that problem. Corrective action (sometimes …

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Challenging areas of the BRC standard for Food Safety

These areas of the BRC standard for Food Safety have been found to be challenging for some food businesses Control of allergens, Assessment of new developments in food safety, Validation and verification of prerequisites, Validation and verification of cleaning and disinfection – includes the new requirement for Cleaning-in–place systems, Traceability, High Care and High Risk areas …

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