Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points is a legal requirement of all food businesses. We can assist you with implementation, auditing and training.

HACCP Implemenation

A legal requirement and a requirement of the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 7. As stated in the Standard “In the event of the company not having appropriate in house knowledge external expertise may be used.” Food Quality Consulting can assist you in implementing a full food safety plan. read more

HACCP Auditing

There is a requirement to demonstrate conformance with the HACCP plan and also to gather information on the effectiveness of the implemented HACCP plan. Need a fresh pair eyes to review your verification systems? It may be you do not have some one suitably independent to do this. Food Quality Consulting can assist you with this.
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HACCP Training

All the HACCP team members need to be trained. It may be you have had staff changes or that refresher training is required. Food Quality Consulting can tailor a course for your specific requirements and pass on any knowledge acquired during the implementation process.  Food Quality Consulting can train your staff from shop floor to boardroom in HACCP principles to ensure your HACCP team and other personnel can effectively operate the system.
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