Food Quality Consulting offer advice, audits and training on food safety systems such as the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.

BRC Food Safety Implementation

Food Quality Consulting offer implementation assistance for the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety.  We can do a gap analysis and identify the requirements to convert from BRC Issue 7 to Issue 8 and then assist you in managing the conversion.
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BRC Food Safety Audits

Food Quality Consulting can carry out internal audits such as BRC food safety, hygiene and HACCP. We can also assist with supplier auditing and the development of a supplier approval system.
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BRC Food Safety Training

Food Quality Consulting can train your staff in the requirements of the BRC Food Safety Standard either so they can implement it themselves or so that we can manage this process for you. We can train you in areas of the new standard such as root cause analysis for corrective action.
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