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HACCP is a requirement of the BRC Food Safety standard and also a legal requirement.

In 2020 the Codex Alimentarius Commission issued an updated version of the General Principles of Food Hygiene and HACCP.

Key changes that now need to be considered in food businesses include:

  • The 7 principles of HACCP have been amended, with more focus on implementing control measures and more detailed validation and verification requirements.
  • Food Safety Culture has now been added.
  • Maintenance and Cleaning now includes allergens.
  • More focus on Personal Hygiene, Behaviour and Visitors.
  • More emphasis on Training and Competence
  • New sections on ‘Allergen Management’ and ‘Lot Identification and Traceability.’

If you require assistance to identify significant product and process food safety hazards that require specific control to assure the safety of your food products please contact us. The BRC Standard for Food Safety requires Prerequisite programmes. The company must establish and maintain environmental and operational programmes that are required to create a suitable environment for the production of safe and legal products. We can assist with the development of these. We can manage the implementation process by a series of meetings and workshops. For HACCP implementation, training, auditing, validation and verification contact us for assistance and have an independent review of your system.